We’re constantly connected these days but is there enough real dialogue happening? 

Dialogue is for business leaders and people of influence.  

Whether you lead a team or a company, Dialogue will give you the tools and experiences to refresh your direction and create powerful change.  

The intimacy and immersive style of Dialogue will leave you with a group of valuable contacts you take with you into your business and your life.

An innovative take on the more traditional ‘sit and listen’ multi-day conferences, Dialogue balances learning from speakers with learning from those around you.  

Over this two day event, successful applicants and speakers will have time to interact and have dialogue, attend workshops and speakers, and enjoy exclusive activities including the Out Of The Box Breakfast and the much anticipated Well Sensered Dinner (video below)

The Speakers  

Over this two day event, successful applicants and speakers will have time to interact and have dialogue, attend workshops and speakers, and enjoy exclusive activities including the Out Of The Box Breakfast and the much anticipated Well Sensered Dinner. 

Himesh Chhima

Artist Himesh Chhima is the human behind Well Sensered Food, a subversive artistic ensemble that lurks somewhere between a culinary experience and a theatre production which challenges perceptions and convention. 

His methods and motivations are unique, sometimes dark, quirky, and very much an intentional mystery. “[Himesh] finds much of his inspiration in literature, and approaches food more like a dramatist than a restaurateur. He talks about dishes as "content", like texts to be read and interpreted and not units of cargo to be pushed.” - Hannah Francis (The Age). 


Tash Meys & Viv Conway

Ace the Gram is run by Viv Conway and Tash Meys. Tash and Viv have have over 200k net followers on their personal Instagram’s and have worked with clients from 70 followers to 1.9 million followers across Australia, the USA and NZ.  

They have discovered first-hand how building a dedicated Instagram following can significantly accelerate the success of your business. Nominated in the 2017 NZ Social Media Awards, Ace the Gram specialise in amplifying the social media accounts of businesses to connect and convert their target audiences.

@tastefullytash @vivconway_

Chris + Rachelle Duffy

Chris and Rachelle are the directors/Founders of Little Big Events. They are responsible for 'Our Place' container village in Tauranga, Our Place Magazine (a local magazine showcasing local attraction/people/businesses and events), Tauranga Coffee Festival, Vegan Vibes, Christmas in the Park and many of the community events that make up the Bay of Plenty.

Chris and Rachelle are well known for their iconic Little Big Markets, a weekend staple for many locals and tourists visiting the Bay. 

Chris and Rachelle play an essential role in bringing the local community together. They are well known for creating memorable and popular events.

@thelittlebigmarkets @ourplacetauranga @ourplacemagazine 

Florence Van Dyke 

Florence is the co-founder of Chia Sisters, a Nelson company making New Zealand's most nutritious beverages in a solar-powered juicery. Chia Sisters have sold over one million superfoods juices in cafes, grocers and supermarkets nationwide as well as in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia. 

Florence is a lawyer by training, previously working with one of New Zealand’s leading corporate law firms and for the United Nation on the Khmer Rouge Trials in Cambodia. Recently she was named on the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia Pacific List. This year Chia Sisters became New Zealand's first carbon-zero beverage company.


Sam Stuchbury

Sam Stuchbury founded Motion Sickness in 2014 while living in his student flat in Dunedin during his final year of study, whilst completing a marketing and design degree at the University of Otago. The now Auckland based company works on delivering unique creative campaigns and content, using social media and high quality production. They proclaim a “no-bullshit” attitude, with a focus on getting their hands dirty producing good work, that actually works. Their unique and fresh approach to advertising has landed the company a suite of New Zealand and international clients such as Les Mills International, Icebreaker, Oxfam and Blunt Umbrellas.  

In March Sam was also selected to be on this years Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia list of creative ‘disruptors’, the only kiwi to make the list in 2018. 


Rebecca Anderson  

Rebecca is the founder and director of popular New Zealand shoe brand Chaos & Harmony. She started the company over 10 years ago, when her and her husband sold everything, and moved to Italy so she could learn to design shoes at the Institui Europeo di Design in Rome, Italy. They returned to New Zealand and started Chaos & Harmony. 

Fast-forward 10 years with over 20 collections including a new bridal collection, and exports to America and Europe gaining global traction. C&H has quickly become a market- leading boutique Shoe Company. 

Rebecca is passionate about creating an international business, making women feel like confident bold decision makers in their new shoes.


Sara Quilter 

Sara is the founder + CEO of Tailor Skincare, a multi-award winning, natural skincare range that uses a scientific approach when it comes to formulation. 

Before Tailor Skincare Sara completed a Bsc(HONS) from Victoria University and began work as a support worker, using her minimum wage salary to start Tailor Skincare in her father's workshop with a cake mixer. 

Tailor Skincare is now available in New Zealand's Two largest retailers, has strong eCommerce sales and one of the largest social media followings for NZ skincare - making Tailor an up and coming household name in New Zealand.


Nigel Beach: 

Nigel is a Mind body physiotherapist at Element Health Nigel has been helping people in health and performance for over 2 decades. A physiotherapist, he sees people who have complex problems and those who have failed common treatment approaches. 

Nigel looks holistically and listens to the whole story of how people came to be in pain, stress or a state of under-performance. He has educated thousands of people in the role of the mind and body as a limiting factor in our happiness and health. He delivers effective strategies and next-level reconditioning programs that help us go beyond what we think we are capable of.

As a consultant to corporations Nigel implements programs to enhance health, mood, creativity, positivity and productivity in the workplace. Nigel also consults with top athletes and teams. This year he has implemented programs in the NRL, with the Wallabies and the All Blacks also has been the trusted physio to some of Hollywood’s biggest names.  


Sarah Frizzell

Sarah was born in England near Liverpool and graduated with a first class B.A. with Honours in Visual Communication from Edinburgh College of Art. Creativity has driven her career, first at respected ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi during her studies and after graduating at various other agencies including Leith in Edinburgh, The Bridge in Glasgow, DDB Auckland and Colenso BBDO.

In fact it was advertising that brought her to New Zealand, head hunted by then DDB CEO Paul Catmur in 2008, still a dear friend and now a business partner in The Lucky Taco. Later at Colenso BBDO Sarah set about collecting advertising awards including Fair Go Awards 2008 winner and Best Ads winner 2010 for TVNZ working on prestigious brand accounts such as Vodafone, TVNZ, McDonalds, Levi’s, Mercedes, Fonterra and more.


Otis Frizzell

The Frizzell name of course is etched in the world of art but Otis is a man of many talents who has forged his own way while also embracing the artistic genres of his inventive family. Fundamentally an artist, Otis has worked as a creative, television presenter, innovator, hip hop performer, radio personality - you may remember Slave & Otis – tattooist and graphic designer.  

His long time contribution to New Zealand’s street art and graffiti scene has seen him become one of our best known contemporary pop artists, producing large scale mural projects and edgy edition works on paper. Otis’ work adorns celebrated walls at Saatchi and Saatchi, IE Music (Robbie Williams; London management office), is in celebrity collections, on big brand packaging, breast cancer T shirts, PlayStation Ads, TV2 promos and the record sleeves of Che Fu and Fat Freddy’s Drop.  



Karena & Kasey Bird 

Winners of Masterchef 2014. Karena & Kasey are award winning book publishers and authors.  

The girls have also just won the "Best TV Cookbook in the World" at the Gourmand World Cookbook awards 2016 with their Self-published cookbook 'For The Love Of..."  

You can watch them on their TV show 'Karena and Kasey's Kitchen Diplomacy' playing every Sunday on TV ONE at 8pm where they travel the world discovering different cultures and food.  

Karena & Kasey are also food writers for 'The Herald on Sunday' as well as the food editors for Mana Magazine

Beatrice Thorne

Head of Product and Experience for Eve Health. Beatrice leads the development of Eve’s new at-home testing service. 

Beatrice touts a broad background in business in New Zealand and the UK. One constant throughout her life has been her drive to help people lead happier and healthier lives - which is evidenced by the happy women who are seeing positive results as they take their health back into their own hands with the help of Beatrice and the Eve Health team!  



Georgia Meek

Georgia Meek is the Founder of Babysitters Club, a service that provides parents across New Zealand with interactive and highly experienced babysitters. Georgia has created a technology platform to scale her babysitting services, one that is highly innovative, original and growing rapidly.  

Georgia’s mission is to help create a community where every interaction is an opportunity to have a positive effect on children’s lives and where parents can live with freedom and complete peace of mind.  

Described as a classic entrepreneur, driven, focused, agile and adaptable. Georgia is equally grounded in her values and is a generous, honest, open and loving person - combined with her entrepreneurial prowess, they make her a women who will make a huge difference.